Forming a New Political Movement with the following objects.

• Fight to End Caste Based Reservation in Step by Step.
• Fight for Free Education up to 10th Standard.
• Fight to decrease the Income limit for the present caste based reservations.
• Fight to Provide Reservations only for Differently Able individuals.
• Fight to End Corruptions.
• To make people to work to eliminate discrimination based on caste, gender, place of birth, income, and ethnicity.
• Increase the taxable income limit to 4Lakhs.
• Fight to stop all benefits from the caste and religious conversions.
• Creation of new private boards for all religious and worship places without any government controls.
• Implementing new education policies on credit system to end all promotion method.
• To implement new laws to end all strikes of the public used systems such as Transport, Electricity, Hospitals, Educational institutions, Consumer stores Etc.
• To stop issuing of caste certificate up to the age of 18 years.
• To provide basic computer and English education to all students and housewives.
• To create awareness of ‘rights and benefits of voting’ among people.

Notifications & Events

Notifications & Events